Wednesday, May 03, 2006

'Cause the Man of the Hour is taking his final bow, goodbye for now

So, in a few weeks my life changes forever. The only way of life I've ever known is gone for good, never to come back. Ever since I was in preschool I knew I'd wake up, go to school, have a three month break and then it starts all over. But that's done with. Now I'm going into the "real world" and there is no transition time. I'm going to wake up the next morning after I graduate, and I'm done with it all. I get to learn all over again. Part of me is excited, and ready for the change; but, the other part of me realizes what a huge change it's going to be and that I'm going to have to adapt very quickly.

I've got a full tuition scholarship to UVSC, at least I've figured out that much. I'm supposed to apply for a full housing scholarship too; moving out for free, that would be a huge change too. The thing is I know where I'm heading, but I don't know how to get there. Maybe that's the idea, a final right of passage, a coming of age. They say a baby has to work to get out of the womb, maybe all of this is figurative womb. That was kinda graphic. Anyway, this is my life. I'll drive the road and make sure I'm happy. What else can you do?


At 9:23 PM, Blogger thesexyswede said...

UVSC eh? ....yeah I have nothing to say

At 12:10 AM, Blogger Brynifred said...

Change is one thing, but going from high school to college is frightening and exciting. All I can tell you about UVSC is in the Theatre Department. I dont know if thats what you want to do there, but my next part of the comment is pretending thats what you want to do.

First thing you do is make friends with Joe Fox. He is head of the scene shop. Mostly. He is really sarcastic and loves when you play along. Youll get along famously!

Next become friends with Dr. Petrie. He is the Producer and hence the head of all things in the department. He can be your father and your best friend if you let him. Dont let the fact that he looks like Sean Connery scare you...Hes a good man.

While youre in the Faculty Annex (Trailers called the FA) make friends with Loretta. Shes the secretary and will do ANYTHING for you if you are her friend.

Steve Purdy comes next. He is awesome! Dont let anyone there tell you who you can like in the department and who you cant. Believe me, they will try. Steve is fun, but old. Excuse him for that.

Stay away from James Arrington. He can be nice and fun, but its better if you stay away from him. He can be stressful like Mrs. Mathews.

Now, Chris Clark is totally awesome! Take an acting class from him! He is a teacher and a teen all in one! He makes the transition easy. He will love you if youre not a slacker.

Last but not least, stay away from...well...her name escapes me for now. But, shes the song and dance teacher. Dont even SM for her. Shes horrible to work with.

Thats long enough for now. Remember what I said and you will not only learn a ton, but have a blast doing it!


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