Monday, June 27, 2005

In Your Honor

I feel like I can't say the things I want to. I never have the chance to do it. I never feel like the moment is right, they'll either seem akward, forced, or corny even. Or I've said them enough that the words have lost their meanings. I feel like I'm not doing any good anymore. I've maxed out on my wisdom's credit-line and now I'm wasting precious time paying it all back. Nothing I say matters anymore. Have I lost my muse? Is that what it is? Am I simply lacking some inspiration? Whatever it is I need to get it back so I can feel like I have some purpose left.

I wish I could say everything I want to you. I want to say all the things you wanted me to say. I want to do more for you, I want to be there for you whenever you need me.

I will, I just need to find my window.

Can you hear me?
Hear me screaming
Breaking in the muted sky
This thunder heart
Like bombs beating
Echoing a thousand miles

Mine is yours and yours is mine
There is no divide
In your honor I would die tonight
Mine is yours and yours is mine
I will sacrifice
In your honor I would die tonight
For you to feel alive

Can you feel me?
Feel me breathing
One last breath before I close my eyes
This offering
For receiving
Deliver me to the other side
-In Your Honor
Foo Fighters

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Dream of Californication

Greetings from the Coast!!!

How is everybody doing out there? I finally got on the web so I thought I'd catch up on everything. I miss you guys, but I'm loving it out here.

My flight sucked. Remember those storms we had last week? Yeah, I flew through those. I discovered I like flying, but I'm not good at it. I don't get sick or nervous, I'm just... not good at flying. I always think of Fight Club when I fly too.

I really haven't done too much out here. I've been working non-stop to help my grandparents clean up their house, which has mostly consisted of: shoveling broken cement, hauling iron piping in a wheel-barrel, climbing in very tight spaces filled with dead rodents, and getting bitten by four spiders (thankfully none of them have been Black Widows). After friday all the cleaning is done, and then I get a real vacation.

(Shamae, hopefully I'll have some time to kill next week so we can chill.)

I saw the ocean, which in case you hadn't heard I was going crazy being landlocked. You should have seen all the parasurfers and windsurfers, always makes me want to surf. I tried to learn once, I want to do it again but there just isn't a lot of opportunity in Utah. Their were some killer waves out there though.

I bought a straw cowboy hat to work in. I bought it in historic San Gregorio in a post office/general store/bar, so it's authentic. It was about time I bought one though, I come from a family of hillbillies. It's true, that's my dirty little secret. All my family out here, you'd probably call them "red necks." You should meet them... well... actually no... you probably shouldn't, but maybe I'll show you some pictures. I've accepted it, I'm a Portuguese Hillbilly, just like my family.

I forgot how big the slugs were out here. I got a picture of one to show those of you who haven't seen a real slug. I hate slugs, by the way. I've killed about a dozen of them, I've used everything from salt to a really big stick. You can never get tired of killing slugs though. Beating them with a stick it by far the most disgusting because they blow up into slimy, meaty chunks. It's like watching a really gory war movie.

I've had so much "Popeye's" Chicken. In case you didn't know, Popeye's is a fast food chain, kind of like KFC, but it's cajun. We need one of them in Utah, their chicken is sooooo good. I had some awesome fish and chips too. I'm not a big seafood fan but the fish and chips are here are awesome.

I think that's all I have to say for now. Hope you all are doing well out there. I miss ya but I'll be back on the 17, so I won't be gone too much longer. If you're good I'll bring you back something cool... like a whale or something...

Peace until later.

-Sousa the Beach Bum

Oh, and I tagged the bathroom at the beach. BANGO SKANK FOREVER!!!