Monday, February 20, 2006

Where's my Jeremy Piven?

Alright, maybe some of you aren't familiar with him, so I'll indulge for a while. He's an actor, and a lot of the time he plays the "best friend" of the lead male, the wingman. Like in "The Family Man," "Serendipity," and "Entourage." That being said, now for my thoughts:

It's occured to me lately, I'm in a rut. I miss being "one of the guys." I miss having a wingman, and a group of guys I can shoot the breeze with. I miss the brotherhood of it all. I can't find that where I am right now, it's impossible. I long for those days. I need to go find them again. Girls have got their needs, guys got theirs. I need someone I can relate to, I need a buddy who's got my back. I need a wingman I can trust. I've been reading old e-mails, letters, and notes I had laying around, it's mostly luck that I found any of them. But I realized I'm still the same guy I was back then, but my world has changed and that's frustrating. A tiger don't change his stripes.
Anyway that was my rant about my rut. Maybe I'm complaining, but I want my Jeremy Piven.